If you have just brought your new puppy or dog home, you're probably getting to the stage where it's time to decide on a new name for the recent addition to your family. Choosing a unique dog name can be quite a difficult task and not one that should be taken lightly. Once your dog has learned his new name, suddenly changing it is not a viable option so it is essential that you get it right the first time. Remember, the name you choose is with your dog for life.

Why not try to think of something unique name to your dog? Try not to stick with run of the mill names but choose something that will make your pooch stand out from the crowd. It's time to get creative!

There are several things you need to consider when choosing a unique dog name. It is no good giving a Great Dane a name like 'Peanuts' or a Chihuahua a name like 'Buster' or 'Butch'. Follow these guide lines to find the perfect name for your dog.

Your Dogs' Appearance

Take a long hard look at your new dog. Is there anything about his appearance that lends towards a certain name? Obvious choices are 'Goldie' for a Labrador \ Golden Retriever or 'Patch' for a Jack Russell Terrier. These are obvious choices and I'm sure you could be more creative. What about 'Popeye' for a Bull Terrier or 'Tyson' for a Boxer?

Your Dogs' Character

When your dog has been with you for a few days, you will notice that he shows certain characteristics. Some dogs are very lively and boisterous whilst some can be very shy and introvert. Some dogs are very vocal whilst others you never hear a sound from. Use this to help decide on a unique name.

Make Sure You Can Be Heard

Whatever you decide, make sure the name you choose is easily distinguishable from background noise and does not sound similar to common commands you may use with your dog. The reason for this is that if you are walking your dog in a park or crowded place, you need a clear name to call not something ambiguous. Examples are, 'Joe' or 'Boe' which could easily be confused with 'No'. Avoid any names that may sound similar to 'Sit' 'Stay' 'Fetch' 'Down' etc. Make sure your dog doesn't have a hard time understanding your intentions.

Also make sure you choose a name that you would be comfortable calling out in a public place. Novelty names are all well and good but if embarrassment prevents you from calling your dog, you've chosen a poor name. Calling out 'Pixie Angel Dust' at the top of your voice may lead to some funny looks!

Using the Media for Inspiration

An often overlooked resource for dog names is Magazines and Television. A quick flick through any magazine will provide no end of potential names for your dog. Perhaps you loved cartoons as a child? You could choose your favorite cartoon character as a name for your dog. There are thousands of possibilities.

Choosing a unique name for your dog can be great fun and something the whole family can join in with. It will give the new member of your family the unique identity he so deserves.

A healthy, happy dog ​​is a trained dog that changes the landscape several times a day. A dog door can be exactly what you need to achieve this true goal. Many pet owners are professionals and cannot walk their dog during the day. If, like many people, you have a tight schedule, you will have a small team ahead of work time.

By installing a dog door in the doorway of your house, you can give your pet the freedom to move in and out as long as you have a fence yard. It also helps to avoid accidents and make your dog more relaxed and satisfied.

Dog doors are easy to install and there are a variety of sizes and designs to choose from. It can be installed in any type of door, whether it is metal, aluminum, wood or glass. With the number of dog owners, the choice of dog door options has increased. Now you can find almost anything that can cost your budget. There are a few different types here.

Flexible flop door for dogs: This is a cheaper option. The dog is easy to get in without injuries, but cold or warm air is still suitable for all weather conditions without entering your home. It comes in one flap, two flaps and a special insulated flap, depending on your needs and the weather conditions you live in. The two flap variant traps the air between the flaps to keep out wind and rain.

The extreme weather version of Flip Door works more efficiently to eliminate extreme weather. The frame that holds the flap and sits close to the door remains thick and insulated and sealed with an aerated seal. This allows pets to enter and exit the home without affecting your electricity bill.

Electronic dog doors are getting better with more functions and options. You can buy fully automatic motors with motor drive. They are activated by ultrasound. This is a high tone that emanates from the attachment on your pet's collar. When the dog comes close to the door, the sound automatically opens without the dog's help. The door should be approached directly so that there is no accidental opening and closing when the dog accidentally walks.

Most people do not realize that the dog door can now be placed in the glass door or wall of the house. It can also be made into an exterior wall made of siding, sago and brick. The weatherproof frame has a small tunnel through which the dog can climb and is available in almost any thickness. The double flip system provides insulation. By using a wall mounted dog door, you can place your dog in any room of the house. If you want to keep your dog in the laundry room or in a room without doors, you can still install a door, which he can use during the day.


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